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Xtenergy is a natural caffeine ingredient derived from green coffee bean using a solvent-free extraction process. The solution is positioned toward busy, active people like yourself, as well as gamers looking for a combination of natural, nootropic benefits like alertness and focus to optimize performance at “work, home or during play. ”Xtenergy is a six to eight hour sustained-release caffeine from green coffee beans, developed using a solvent-free process and spray melt technology that coats caffeine granules. Clinically demonstrated nootropic benefits, including sustained alertness and better mood with less jitters, tenseness, and tiredness. Meets your energy requirements to support sustained energy and alertness without the “crash” phenomenon.

What does Xtenergy do?

 The nootropic effect of caffeine is undeniable; from alertness to improved mood to cognitive function, its benefits are manifold. Yet, while we enjoy the pick-me-up that caffeine offers, many experience a drop in alertness and focus a few hours later often referred to as the “crash.”  Xtenergy was shown to help:


  • Extend the nootropic benefits of caffeine over several hours as the effects of immediate-release caffeine start to decline
  • Support the benefits of caffeine without the unwanted effects. Compared to immediate-release caffeine, Xtenergy supports mental energy with less feelings of being tense or edgy
  • Support a better mood. Xtenergy was shown to extend the mood-enhancing effects of caffeine for up to eight hours.


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