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As of January 2022

Moving through the different phases of the COVID-19 crisis has helped our company adjust to this pandemic and work diligently to establish policies and procedures that follow the latest clinical standards. We have learned from the previous months understanding that we are truly in this together. Therefore, HelathTech USA has offered payment relief opportunities for our senior citizens and small business owners impacted by the crisis. Despite of the rising demand for our products and regardless of the significant increase of marketing and logistical costs, we have donated more products to our communities, eased our refund/return policies providing effective solutions and rapid payment relief to many of our customers.

To improve our response time and address all our customers questions promptly we have hired additional customer & tech support personnel who are working remotely and utilizing the latest telecommunications technology to protect your privacy. HealthTech USA team consists of trained professionals who understand the importance of working together toward common goals.

Some HealthTech USA products may arrive without our logo on the package or may contain our manufacturing partners logos as we skip the step for reprinting the new packages, especially during times of high demand so we expedite production times.

Nevertheless, all of our products are inspected thoroughly in all of our USA warehouses, where our supply managers maintain the highest standards ensuring that all employees follow the CDC guidelines. Thus, our team is optimistic and operationally ready to offer our customers the most advanced medical technology solutions, that will impact our country get through this pandemic.  

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